The Boccia consist of throwing leather balls closest to the white ball.


The red team starts the game by throwing a white ball called "jack". The objective of each team is to send its balls as close as possible to the white ball. The wheelchair athlete can throw his six balls with his hand, foot or using a device. The duration of a game may not exceed 50 minutes.


The boccia is played with leather balls. The matches take place on a rectangular covered ground of 12.5 meters by 6 meters.

Classification of handicaps

BC1: Cerebral paralyzed athletes who can be helped by an assistant who adjusts the wheelchair or passes a ball to the player. BC2: Cerebral paralyzed athletes who can not be assisted. BC3: athletes with significant motor difficulties who can be assisted by an assistant or a device to throw the ball. BC4: athletes with motor difficulties other than cerebral palsy who have the same difficulties as a BC1 or BC2 and can not be assisted

History Boccia became an official sport of the Paralympic Games at the 1984 Paralympic Games in New York.


In Rio,the boccia took place from 12 to 16.