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Mandeville 1984 and has been contested every Games since.Track Para cycling entered the Paralympic programmes 12 years after,in Atlanta.


Helmets are mandatory for cylists. Its color depends on the category of the athletes

Handbike bikes are designed for wheelchair users.

They have three wheels and are towed by the frond wheel using a system using energy from the arms


Union,which it adapts to the types of disabilities.Competitive cycling includes two disciplines: road cycling and track cycling.

Road cycling is practiced outdoors and cycling on a track in a Velodrome.


But cycling is also a means of travel and a recreational sport that allows you to go hiking or mountain biking.

Blind athletes are in category B1

Blind athletes with a visual acuity of 6/24 maximum and / or a visual field of less than 5 degrees are in category B2.

Blind athletes with a visual acuity between 2/60 and 6/12 and / or a visual field between 5 and 20 degrees are in category B3.

Handcycling 1980202b


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