Atlanta 1996 - First competiton on borrowed horses.

The fist para- equestrian dressage competition at a Paralympic Games was held in August 1996 at the Georgia international horse Park in the USA. There was G1 riders from 16 countries different. Individual medals were shared among Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, the USA and Germany. The winners of Rio are Anne Dunham and Germany's double grade II silver madallist Ange lika Trabert.

Sydney 2000 - Meet the Pearson.

261000 - Equestrian Julie Higgins gold medal 2 - 2000 Sydney medal photo

Pearson is part of the British team's gold medal. At the Olympics attented 72 runners from 24 different countries. They producted two home victories for the Australian Julie Higgins in the level III contest.

Julie Higgins

Athènes 2004 - The stars of today.


The Athens Games saw the debut Paralympic performances of a number of riders who are still in contention for medals at Rio 2016. Pearson sweeps the boad in category 1 ( from Britain took title of the team.) Her compatriot Sophie Christiansent takes bronze in the individual test. There are 69 riders from 29 different countries the half of the countries participate in a Olympic Games competition. Germany Hannelore Brenner, Swedish Philippa Johnson and Norwegion Ann' Cathrin Lubbe also scored the sport in Athens, Winning gold or silver medals... Sophie Christiansent

Physical Impairments.

Grade la. Athlete have severe impairments affecting all libs and the trunk. The athlete ans must to have a wheelchair in everyday life.

Physical or visual Impairment.

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Athletes in grade III or a difference of the 4 limbs or the sports size. Athletes in grade III are able to walk. Grade III visual impairment lack of perception of light.

Grade IV: Athletes we do not have much strength or a weak ness of a light limb of two members.

Athletes with the following impairments are eligible to compete in Para - equestrian.

Impaired muscle powerd


Impaired passive range of movement


Limb dificiency


Leg length difference

must short stature

Visual Impairment


Accessories for riding.

You need: a saddle, stirrups, a saddle pad, a bit and reins.

One is must to have: a bomb, a whip, a spurs, a toque, of the boots, a vest of protection and gloves.

Here are the accessories.

Source: l'image de Julie Higgins

source: L' image de Sophie Christiansent

source:L'image des deux cavalière