What is Paralympics sailing

Sailing consists of a boat race (keelboat)

They must have the least point

The Paralympics regatta each consist of a series of nine courses

Athletes must navigate between 60 and 90 minutes

Between two obstacles the distance corresponds to 1852 m

They must rotate at least three times around the sludge by races

There are different categories:

- The single-handed keelboat (2.4mR),

-The keelboat two crew (SKUD 18)       

- The keelboat three crew (Sonar)


The navigators are divided into seven sports classes according to their degree of handicap: the higher the degree, the lower the class number. In sailing, classification is based on four factors: body stability, network functions, mobility and visual acuity. Athletes are given a number of points corresponding to the number of their class. Disabled athletes have fewer than seven points.


The sailing was introduced in Sydney in 2000.

Spot equipment

Combinationof water

The equipment is chosen according to their skills, their experience...