The athletes must make a round trip to win. Swimming is a method for humans to move through water and although they miss an arm to the athletes or a leg, they swim exactly the same as those who miss them nothing..

The pool is 25m long and 50m wide but they must swim 400m!


Swimming has become an organized sport since the 19th century, for boys in 1896 and 1912 for girls ...

This sport has personified the software of all editions of the Games since 1896! The back swim was added in 1904.



Athletes must wear:

- A swimsuit

- A swimming cap

- Diving glasses


There are three disability groups, there is the physical, visual and intellectual disability ...


Class names have letters:

The "S" represents: freestyle, butterfly and back.

The "SB" represents: the breaststroke.

The "SM" represents: the individual medal.

There are ten different sports numbered from 1 to 10. A low number indicates a stricter activity limit than a higher number and as they differentiate its created from the tangles.

Terminologists evaluate all structures that function from the body through a point system and require the athlete to complete his or her water control.

Swimming at the 2008 Summer Paralympics - women Freestyle swimming

Thanks to the points, the classes are determined.



Swimming at the 2008 Summer Paralympics - women Freestyle swimming